Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 2

the innocent and the simple minded would not understand this thread. this thread is dedicated to the bb killing parents, bitch and lovers. all the guilty ones shall understand it clearly.

come 7th MTH when the hell gates open to let off all the ghosts and spirits to roam the earth. they would be back to settle old scores or wrongs done to them or caused their premature deaths.

do not think u are christians, you would be spared.

the law of karma is universal. NO ONE IS SPARED - no sentient beings nor spirits.

buahahahahahahaha.....have a ghoulie, ghostly haunting eerie nights ahead....
bb being the purest sentient beings when brutally having their life snuffed out would turn into the most vicious ghostly imp.

for children loving parents who unfortunately unable to save their terminally sick bbs, do not fear. bb understands your plight. bb feels your love. bb comforts u and hope to soothe away your pains for losing bb. bb loves u. and definitely wants u to live happily even when bb is gone........

bb feels love and that is all that is enough for bb. if the affinity approves, bb might be back as your next darling bb.

so please do not be saddened by bb's misses mama n papa...but bb would want both of u to be strong and carry on living. bb always lives with u in the eternal memories and happy times we had together. so dear mama and papa, please continue to live your life bravely and happily. this shall make bb happy when bb sits on the lap of our loving almighty God.

but for those who mercilessly murdered bb, u better start praying hard, BB's coming back to get you!

now how would bb execute his revenge on bitch who sow discords between mama and papa and then stole away papa and cause poor mama to have lost me?

hmmmm.....she better starts praying too. her GOD wouldn't be able to help her. when she hears bb's crying in the lift at night or when she was hitting her orgasm....she would know BB IS BACK FOR HER.....

buahahahaha.....still is the night, a dead bb spirit wallow in sorrow: return me my life u mercilessly snuffed away...

so what's the nerdy nasty clones trying defend and protect. hey, nerd, bb would go for u for encouraging bitch to steal papa from mama. you are a nefarious busybody accomplice.

bb shall come look for u. so u better not to walk alone in dark, lonely desolated roads. don't even take the lift alone when u go home late. bb shall be there waiting for you, too. if u hear a bb's laughter or cry, do not turn your back or bb just happily follows u home!

all those directly or indirectly involved in bb's untimely death would be visited....

'tis the season to be ghoulie, fa la la la la la...
let this bb be your ghostlie, tra lalalala...lalalalala....
it's 7th Month, it's bb's back for revenge month.

bb can go ask the blurcock but spiritual li'l brother LEETAHSAR. he handles ghostly and spirits matter. he would be compassionate and delighted to help bb to get even but to be liberated into the next realm.

don't believe u go ask BLACKMAN. his home is infested with nasty ghoulies - the sins of his past probably. haahaha!

only the GUILTY need to fear for their sinful inhuman deeds done to innocent bb. the rest can just enjoy the roast duck drumsticks after praying.

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