Monday, August 3, 2009

suffering of wisdom

suffering of wisdom


"idiots! idiots!....and more IDIOTS!! why am i surrounded by IDIOTS!!??"

this would be a silent cursing of master chee dealing with his bunch of imbecile sdppies.

if u r wise, u suffer. WISDOM IS SUFFERING.....

u see what the ignorants do not see. u understand the REAL thing behind a fake show of FREE SPEECHES, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY. u put forth your most sincere and honest views and u get only flammings, insults, humiliation and at times it get to be very personal.

when that happens, isn't it already evident that that certain brand of FREE SPEECHES, blah..blah..blah are already proven to be FAKE?

the wisdom of seeing things in deeper insight is inborn in everyone of us. however, due to our distraction of prejudices, biases and flatteries, such gift is usually being drowned in a sea of sweet nothing of FLIRT & DESTROY. u get flirted first and later be destroyed. you die pain pain without even knowing why and still think u die a "patriot in the highest level".

CRAPS! ALL CRAPS!! just like their craps of DEMOCRAPSY!!

what have those sdppies imbecile contributed to singapore besides making themselves a public fool? does chee is ever so ambitious that he hope to turn singapore into a public protest like what is happening now in KUALA LUMPUR? is that what every singaporeans hope for?

wisdom in us allow us and prevent us from falling prey into such mind-controlling betrayer in singapore. but the trouble is, not many apply that god-given wisdom. for those who are fortunate and wise to see through such ploy, in a way, we suffer for the sake of those misled brothers and sisters who are now more like zombied clowns. zombied because they are now devoid of a thinking brain - devoid of the god-given wisdom to think rationally.

to be wise is to suffer. however, to be foolish is also to suffer. while being wise, we suffer cos we see how the foolish suffer and still ignorant about it. they suffer even though deep within themselves, they know it's not logical and rather irrational. but they are now steep into such deceiving "causes" that their brains have been long fried and finally zombied and being mind controlled.

the wise see it and suffer. the imbeciles do not realise it and finally suffer a greater retribulation. and the best part, all it needs is something like this:


rest assured, the wise would suffer, no doubt but the imbeciles shall die pain pain and cock standing...and still do not know why it should be happening and ending like what they do not anticipate.

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