Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the unholy 3some stooges

the unholy 3some in some unhooleey action!

our famous threesome - ngejay, chiatilik and lamei have never declare their political stance whether they are already SDPPIES or not. however, they can be seen in many of sdp deadwood forums and lame public antics.

suddenly it dawns on me the answer why they DARE NOT declare their stance.

yep! it all has to do with chee soon juan. again another or his insiduous scheme. you see, if the unholy threesome were branded SDPPIE, then their behaviour and postings would directly represent SDP's. these 3 stooges being very individualistic and self-centred surely won't want their limelight to be shared, stolen or diluted.

chee on the other hand can use either of the 3 jokers to hantam other opp parties especially the recent one where ngejay hantam low thia khiang. if ejay were to be a SDP, then that would put chee in a very awkard position.

the unholy 3some have from eon already bear grudges against WP, their chiefy low, sleepish sylvia and many of their prominent outspoken members such as lockiberal, melvin tan, andrew loh, shin long, swee bee and etc.....

why was there a grudge, a resentment and a vengeful hatred that is waitng and dying to "get even" with WP?

perhaps, some of the old timer like gohmengseng, ramseth and even jacys could share some enlightening insight.

unless we understand how this kind of petty and vengeful mentality were evolved, the feud and in-house fighting between the opp parties shall continue. on the surface, it appears as though they are criticising on THE POINT but the undercurrent shows otherwise IF u know the history of that sticky feud.

the unholy 3some has chiatilik at the tip over lamei over ngejay. however, the lowest is the craftiest while the highest is the stupidest. lamei is the go between. whatever chiatilik wants to carry out an instigation, he would F&D lamei who in turn F&D ngejay and out a bomb would explode at whoever or whichever opp party chia targets.

ejay is deeply obsessed with lamei who was super horny in chiatilik who dumps his own official wife who depressively aborted her unborn baby.

it's all about LUST. the power of LUST to utilise it to exploit, instigate and make use of others to do all one's dirty works.

ngejay is a brilliant nerd only good in figures - the mathematical one for heaven's sake. for the physical fleshy figure, he is a real fool who likes flat chested bosom and bony fragile frame bitches. the one that pretend to be more sickly the more he gets stimulated and would play super-nerd and tries to protect.

and so being at the bottom of the unholy threesome, ngejay would always do all the dirty works. if he cannot appear in his ngejay, he can deploy his unlimited nasty clones which are pooed out faster then he can cum.

that's how many forums like this ORIGINAL kopitiam and all its pirated version and others like TOC, WAYANGPARTY etc could be over run by this nerd alone.


NOTE: he did it last it. he repeats it this year. yep! again! why?


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