Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb coming back this 7th month - PART 1

it would be a great re-union for bb to come to his parents this ghostly 7th MONTH. but bb would be confused cos daddy is now with another bitch!

latest 7th ghostly tale starting soon.....

what would confused bb do? his own mum aborted him. his daddy went to another bitch and that bitch made mum so depressed, she killed bb. she painfully aborted bb.

who would be there praying for dear bb? who missed bb?

it's very hard to tell. everyone just put on a guiltless mask and acts like they were right to have done that. to have stolen other's husband and would-be father. to have caused the death of bb. is crying now. is confused. SOB ...SOB...SOB....BB IS REALLY MAD NOW. no more sobbing. bb wants revenge for the one who caused his premature death as a foetus.

go bb, go!! seek out the one who caused your suffering. make her pays dearly. make him pay for all his lustful sins. poor bb....if only bb meets di zhang wang...the bodhisattva of hell....

and next morning, the newspaper reported:


bb, did u do that?

oh, bb, bb, bb......the evil of lust wasn't killed by dead bb. it was killed by their own guilty conscience. again, it was due to such uncontrolled horniness.

would that be the end of their deaths?

NO. definitely NOT!

to hell, they would go. the adulterous couple would have to answer to the karmic law about their sinful crime of causing the death of a pure innocent bb. why do they go through such thrills just to appease and quench their thirst for lust?

zi zhang wang, the bodhisattva of hell would try his best to enlighten angry bb. he would sooth bb with his compassionate words and would be finally liberated to find another loving mum who would joyfully bear him.

as for the adulterous couple, they would have to go through the punishment of hell before they are thrown into the reincarnation cycle to be reborn probably as some maggots infested doggie and bitch.


the cause and effect of an action.....the eternal suffering and retribulation. sadhu...sadhu.....

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