Monday, August 24, 2009

LTS donates cum today!

my li'l brother LEETAHSAR must be saluted as PATRIOT IN THE HIGHEST HONOR!!

mari kita up for him!!

after the BB'S COMING BACK THIS 7TH MONTH, LTS was motivated to do something to increase our populaton. this morning, i drove my li'l brother LTS to the hospital. no his kdineys aren't failing. his diabetic level is superbly controlled.

he hears the calling....the calling for TRUE BLOOD SINGAPOREANS progeny. our SPERM BANK is dry. LTS is merely doing his mandom duty to donate his 50K virgin unadulterated cumjuice as stud seeds for new breeding of TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS.

he qualifies. he's perfect! no bad habits. no smoking, drinking, bonking or obsessive/compulsive behaviour. and the best and rarest part: HE'S A VIRGIN!

so here i was waiting outside for LTS to enter a dimly lit romantic room filled with XXX magazines and XXX vcds/dvds.

about half an hour later, it was done. he exited from that "milking room" glowing as though he was greatly re-charged!

so horny and healthy guys reading this. instead of wasting your precious mandom juice, make an appointment: DONATE IT TO THE SPERM BANK. so something good for the nation as well as better utilisation of your precious mojo.

after the milking sexsion, my li'l brother LTS n i had our morning kopi of SPINELLI and some sandwiches and muffins.

and here the goon went peering into the future....

LTS: tahbar, they said my mojo damn solid. very active tadpole. sure impregnant any bitches' womb. hahahaha...

LTB: piangz! ur 50k magma that solid one!

LTS: there's one thing i m quite anxious and apprehensive....i can't help thinking and worrying about it.

LTB: huh? ...(lai liao...not again! pls dun make me laugh until i spew kopi all over my pants....please...tolong....)

LTS: u know la...singapore beri small right. i was wondering how many progeny will my seeds produce leh. if say 5 aiya kids i got time like 18 yrs later, i m sure i would meet them here in singapore. then how?

LTB: how? how i know how? (hmm....spinelli kopi really damn solid although damn expensive at $4 + a cup. and the warm crusty muffin....YUMMY!!)

LTS: do u think i could ask them: hi, are u my test-tubed babies?

choke..choke..choke...*cough! cough! cough!!*


LTS: then suppose i got 3 bitches and 2 horny pricks....suppose la... they meet, fall in love...then how huh?

COUGH...COUGH...COUGH!! big time choke!!

LTB: HUH? LI KONG SIMI?? WHO MEET WHO 18 YEARS LATER?...*cough...cough..cough!*

LTS: my progeny la! they are from my seeds what so they are er..sort of SAME FATHER DIFFERENT MOTHERS...half brothers and half sisters lor..and if they meet and fall in luv..and MY GOD!! do that XXX thing....HOW??!! it would be INCEST, right?

LTB: WHAT!! (kopi all spewed out!) what in love? what XXX? what INCEST??

after a quick wiping with the fast absorbent servette, i finally understood what was going in that funny goon's mind. he was apprehensive that his "offsprings" would meet in future and ended up having sex with each other. that would be INCEST!! they were theoretically and genetically "siblings" from one of the same aiya father, namely LEETAHSAR.

then how huh? how leh?

wow!! that would be an 18 years later story to continue! LOL!!

no sweat! LEETAHSAR shall get all his anxieties and premonitions answered the next round when he goes "milking" again

but for now, what would ur answer be? it's really a simple question but with very complex answers and probabilities!

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