Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 5

a strange real and eerie tale.....


i wasn't sure how to put it. i think i must have met bb in another human form.....

one fine morning, i was counting my money in my banks, suddenly the cellphone rang.

sound: hello uncle, this is BB. can i see u later?

me: huh? who? where u wanna meet me?....

it was a very mysterious sweet angelic voice that i heard. thought it was some cute mei mei lusting for this very handsome uncle here.

at the appointed time, i set off to the destinated place. true enough! there was a cutie standing there - tall, slender and fair with flowing hair. it wasn't very hot yet she was carrying a red umbrella.

bb: hi uncle! so glad u come. i m BB

uncle: hi BB! what's this all about?

i reached to shake her hand which was cold and icy. that ghoulish look of her eyes which was so doeful but it seemed that there wasn;t any whites. it was 2 very black eyes looking very soulfully and solemnly at u.

she gave a fade weak smile. "uncle, can u please let as many know how BB was murdered before i was born....please uncle...." she pleaded.

i was astounded. why did she suppose to mean? we went to a nearby park, sat on the bench and she began her heart-wrenching story......

my mummy was very pretty though my daddy was prettier. they studied in NUS together, fell in love and married. later mummy was pregnant with me and pretty daddy was always horny. but mummy couldn't oblige him. mummy scared he would hurt BB who was nestling inside her womb.

daddy was horny. daddy was pretty. daddy met a bitch. and daddy began to have fun with that bitch. i heard that bitch was a mother too. i just couldn't understand how a mother loved her own children by instigate daddy to kill others - ME, the poor bb.

mummy was sad. she found out about the affair between bitch and daddy. daddy suddenly turned cold towards her. he didn't care for her nor speak much cos mummy couldn't oblige him to appease his lust. the bitch subsitituted for mummy and seduced pretty daddy.

oh, daddy, why do u do such things to mummy and behind her back. don't u love mommy and me?

mummy was depressed. she didn't have appetite to eat. she couldn't sleep....and poor bb was starving inside. her womb where i nestled became very toxic. it was hurting bb very much.

one day, she awoke. she bled in between her legs. mommy, oh, mommy!! bb was dying already.....mommy was rushed to the emergency unit. after a few hours of distress, bb was removed from her womb. bb lied on the stainless cold pan - a mass of indiscernible minced bloodied meat.

it was ungraciously wrapped up and disposed. bb was no was dead..just like this. but bb was floating around in the air searching to return to mommy's warm safe womb. but where? bb couldn't find it. oh mommy! where are you, mommy!!??

pretty daddy was still having a swell fun time with bitch bonking exhiliratingly in a handy sexmobile. squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

daddy just didn't bother that bb was gone forever. he didn't bother about suffering mommy lying blankly in the cold lonely hospital bed. he didn't bother. all he knew was fun, fun and more fun! squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

daddy, oh, daddy! why would u do such a bad thing to bb and mommy? why daddy, why?

this 7th MONTH, BB SHALL BE BACK. are you ready to play with me bitch? are u ready to play with me my pretty daddy?

and here now u got bb's story.... squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

.... in 7th MONTH, BB'S BACK. she could be watching all the next round of squeaky, squeaky, bump, bump, the little sexmobile went a humpity hump!

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