Tuesday, August 18, 2009


here's why. ngejay has very good connection with TOC, WAYANGPARTY and the newspaper. all he needs to do is to post like a gentleman infront but behind rattle complaints. now u know why hor

56) leetahsar on Your comment is awaiting moderation. August 18th, 2009 11.35 pm what is really wrong with the so called opp parties members is not their agenda: TO TOPPLE PAPS. it’s the people preaching that agenda.

why do so many see LTK ineffective? is chiam effective then? is chee effective?

NO! none of them is effective. the reason is the opp representativs in parleement is only 2 out of the 82. how can it be effective?

to aggravate the matter, here we are slamming at our own opp leader LTK accusing him of ineffective management of his opp and his handling of parleement debates and whatever. tell me, if LTK says NO, how many YESes will there be to retaliate?

ngejay is a brilliant in writing but is not very balanced in views. he’s gifted with big bombastic words but the words are not used to enhance and strength the weak opp unity among different parties.

like for this instance, more doubts and aspersion are cast over the prowessness of LTK. if he’s out of the game, who would take over as the biggest opp leader? ngejay or chee soon juan is it?

the motive behind this article is very diabolical. TOC reminds posters not to attack personal and what is the writer doing?

the feud is rather personal. it’s definitely not stemmed from ngejay alone. it’s a ganged up carefully schemed slow attack on LTK. i do not find LTK in anyway less better than chee but i do find chee very much worst than he instead.

why do people support chee then? cos he dares to create public ranting and unfearful to being handcuffed? then you all are very very wrong!!

he wants to be handcuffed and hopefully manhandled then he could affirm his accusation and defamation against the gov. doesn’t anyone here already seen through his so frequent and similar antics?

SDP after chiam has never been for the good of singapore and singaporeans. it’s more a more sinister plot to bring singapore down onto its knee to some foreign forces probably backing chee.

we have to be alert not only to the terrorism lurking outside or nearby singapore but we must be made to be more aware and perceptive of the actual agenda hidden in SDP under the guise of citizen’s welfare and concern.

again, what good has chee contributed to singaporeans? practically NONE!

by the way, u do not see many criticism now in SDP website. go think about it…about their free speeches and all those craps!

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