Thursday, August 20, 2009

bb's coming back this 7th MONTH - part 3


your frequent road trip into JB to fuck around for free range chickens has better be careful this 7th MONTH.

those ulu desolated winding unmarked roads would be haunted by a very pretty malay lady. she is none other the dead pregnant PONTIANAK who loves to suck the hell out of u or release her bb upon horny bastard and pervert like u.

beware. don't say i din warn you.

this 7TH MTH season is especially spiked with hell of a YIN's the coldest yin mth the entire world is going to experience. too many unanticipated and unprepared deaths - the sze chuan big earthquake, the MORAKOT flooding in taiwan, the earthquakes, the much pains and angst happening in this miserable world.

it's payback time for the evil-doers and bb killers.

BB'S BACK!! let the fun begins!!

have u wondered why THUM BEING FUCK didn't go to his wake instead my li'l brother went there to sing the hymns with the congregation?

maybe that dead old man may like to visit THUM BEING FUCK. my li'l brother and that dead oldman had been buddies for so many years karaoke frequently.

the amount of info THUM BEING FUCK knows is simply marvellous. he only met the oldman less than an hour. what a perverted fucker that thum fuck is!!

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