Sunday, April 6, 2008

they had wanted to be arrested!

this posting summarises what a recent foolish protest was all about:

From: T1,T2,T3 or Control Tower? (Conspiracy28) 15-Mar 03:50
To: lockeliberal 10 of 467

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Sorli, you got carried away by all this excitement.
This is not bravery.This is pure stupidity.
What impact can those placard do either than giving
the poodles the opportunity to arrest.
You want to see peaceful demonstration, behave peacefully,
not waving dumb placards! They are such shameful bastards to
have the cheek to bring along their kids.

what if some skirmishes occur and the scene turned ugly, those
placards can be used as a weapon and such simple excuse can be made
by the poodles to charge for disturbing the peace.

They never use their heads, do they? or it was their intention all along to be arrested in order to gain sympathy from the 'outside'.
This is evil and best described as manipulative.

What's more, they are highly educated people? with high level of intelligence?

Shit. pragmatism is dead all along.


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