Thursday, April 3, 2008

another nun and butcher tale...LOL!

i m in spasm from uncontrolled laughter after i read another NUN & BUTCHER story. check this out...

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A biker goes into a butcher's shop, sees a nun walk in, place an order, and
walk out again.
He tells the butcher "I like her and I want to do it with her"
Butcher: "Evil thought, son, she's a nun. But every night at half past ten
she walks through the graveyard. If you pretend to be God you might just
get your wicked way with her."
Half past ten, the biker is in the graveyard when sure enough the nun
walks by. Biker jumps out saying: "Hi, I'm God and I want my wicked way."
The nun agrees to this, then afterwards the biker says: "I've got a
surprise for you. I'm not God, I'm that biker from the butcher's shop
earlier today."
The nun replies: "I've got an even bigger surprise - I'm the butcher!"

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