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Coffee Shop Talk - LaMei's SBF Release
From: 3stooges4 05:57
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sad...really sad!!

the way u once harrassed and 'shake' friendly mp baey yam keng who out of courtesy (and super unlucky) visited you to 'get to know residents' walk about already showed ur petty resentment.

if u had kept it personal, at least u saved another title of being INDIGNANT or lan see in canto.

now the mata's visit to ur home due to ur 'participation in illegal assembly and procession',is to for purpose of 'investigation' and formality. even for that you still consider it's ur rights to hinder their duties to do that.

where's ur co operation with the police mentality?

would it be ok we we forward your this message to the MHA and see what they have to say for themselves if what u related was TRUE...NOTHING BUT THE ACTUAL TRUTH??

u don't ve to write silly letter to STFORUM or posting here to brag about ur injustice or rude treatment by matas. just write ur complaint to the MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS which is the proper channel to look into this matter and ALL WILL BE taken care of.

bragging that here simply exposes ur true intention, pettiness and gross foolishness.

and yes, do PM acitizen7. we know what u r up to now.....;9)

From: а²»ÄÜʤÕý (LaMei) 4-Apr 23:53
To: acitizen7 unread

Hi bro acitizen7...

welcome back..
It's been a long time since I last read your post..

As the thread starter, I thank you for your contributions in this thread. You fair and neutral statements lends more credibility to this thread which was otherwise infested with spams, finger pointing, baseless accusation being spewed all over..

For your benefit, (I guess you must have been away from Sin for awhile)..let me just briefly update you on the happening with regards to the 15/3 protest..

12 were arrested during the protest, their names being reported in the news, SDP webiste and of coz in SBF too..

6 of the protesters (me included) were called up by the poodles for investigation for participating in illegal assembly and procession.

The ones that were seen here and the other thread I started on my 2nd rejected letter condoning poodles behavior of banging the doors are of questionable characters. Not to forget, are not parents themselves yet(one whom due to his sexual orientation, will never ever be..) to comment that where got parents put kids to sleep so early..(how can 9.45pm be consider early for children?)..

Even that aside..should we citizens be treated in such a rude manner by our poodles? They seem to forget their basic role as a policemen..


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