Wednesday, April 2, 2008


the moniker "chiatilik" in sbf is a dick used by many nics.....or rather a nic used by many dicks. whatever! read this and u will understand.

From: BAN!BAN!BAN!MorePAPthanPAP (GohMengSeng) 08:48
To: 邪不能胜正 (LaMei) 122 of 128

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Dear Lamei,

Wait wait, I am asking you whether reposting any photographs on the forums constitute anything sinister or not?

Frankly speaking, I am not interested in what LTS posted. I want your answers straight. If you say reposting photos of you is alright, then I can make all the collections of those photos on any other blogs. If not, then why F4, Ejay in particular, keep an archive of those photos of others?

As I have said, please show me where have I made any accusations on F4 banning others? Just like, I am simply stating what others have been saying, that's all. But yet, after so much bragging here, we still did not get a CLEAR answer from your good self, did you write in to ban anybody at all?

LOL! Talking about "association"! Now you say those supporters of yours are not "associate" while LTS, a nobody who are not even in my circle of political friends, is my associate? Please lah, stop and think what you are talking about! If Cumspitcobra is not an associate of F4, then I really wonder how come he is posting Tilik's message in this forum! Tilik has explained he told Cumspitcobra to "POST ON HIS BEHALF" using Tilik's account! Oh, if such a person which is so close to Tilik in whom he could trust his very own account for him/she to access is not an Associate, then I really don't know what to say! LOL!

And to think that if such a person, so trusted and close to F4 cannot be considered as your associate, then by what standards do you conclude LTS is my associate? You are pretty LAME!

Goh Meng Seng

The rife that many forummers were suddenly banned for speaking against sdp and sghuman rights people raise the ire of those banned monikers. LEETAHSAR has all along trying to enlighten all not to be misled and be misguided into a foolish petty extremist practice against our gov.

well, what happen? they protested in the name of 'higher consumer prices', overpaid minitoots and a host of silly issues. about 12 were arrested. among them F4 gang of chiatilik, go hui leng (lamei), ng ejay and of course the chee siblings and the rest of the la la gang.

it's becoming a common side-show now that many singaporeans just can't be bothered by it. this incident wasn't even show in tv news but protest as far away as TIBET was repetively screened.

strange country we have and weirdos idiots who are really lame brained! so pathetic!

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