Wednesday, April 2, 2008

if she helps, u r beholden for life!

she emceed melvin's wedding. his wife was supposed to be her "best friend"....tsk..tsk...

From: Melvin_Tan 2-Apr 23:42
To: NgEjay 188 of 191

172728.188 in reply to 172728.4

Dear E-Jay,

You related to me, so here's my response.

Firstly, as far as I remember, that was the only occasion of help rendered. In addition, I impressed that this was done out of personal friendship to the one whom sought it.

Nevertheless, I believe, knowing my party comrades, no help rendered will ever be forgotten. Exclude SBF'ers GMS who has left, Locke and Jacys who are neither very active nor were present at that event.

Secondly, there is also help that you wish to calculate to the detail. Take your mention of a wedding. Gratitude is abound, no doubt, but a celebratory occasion as such, we want to go down to the details and not forget to calculate the angpows and free hotel stay too?

I have done the same, played emcee, played brother. In my view, this is not something calculatory.

Thirdly, just because you render help to someone once or twice doesn't give you the right to tailgate or falsity umpteen times or more anomalously, ditto on anyone I merely know or of no connection when help is rendered to just, say, me. Otherwise, this also means immunity to all SGX staff and PropNex agents?

Had I known that that was someone's belief beef, perhaps a better idea for wifey to engage someone else.

Finally, I do note tailgating of you guys but I am not even bothered about the same on me, or have not for a long time, doesn't mean I have not seen it.


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