Wednesday, April 23, 2008

squeaky clean nation with lots of hidden squeaks

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so many incidents were a disgrace.

1. the fatal drowning by their own commando unit

2. the drowning of yet another commando in the open sea practice without anyone knowing until he was stiff dead at the sea base.

3. the collapse of the nicoll highway

4. the disapperance of PHEY YEW KOK - case not solved until now. (not even a terrorist and yet not solved - strange)

5. the nkf saga - weird biased punishment meted out after years of bloodsucking donors.

6. the suicide of TEH CHEANG WAN

7. the mistreatment of ex-people president otc and his final frivolous funneral prye compared to exiled devan nair.

8. the collision of RSS warship resulting in 4 premature deaths of other's children

9. the simplistic brushing aside of national accounts checking initiated by late otc.

10. the pending criminal breach of trust of RENCI and those involved.

11. accumulative losses in GIC - tony tan had unwittingly confessed.

12. more losses in investment like micropolis, SIP, shincorp, indo telcos and etc. were there any reported accountability and responsiblity for those playing with our national resources?

13. the latest but it definitely won't be the last : THE GREAT ESCAPE OF MAS SELAMAT....sorry, IT HAPPENS, LET'S MOVE ON...

14. any more?

move on where?? there is no accountablity of responsiblity. was there a satisfied answer for any of the above stated drama?

you call this a squeaky clean gov who left the citizens in a BLANK and in a darkened daze without any accountablity or forbearing of responsibility from the minitoots involved in their respective ministry? and they still entitled to their million dollars raise some more. if there were in private practice, they would have been sacked. EG: jackson tai which was cleverly put as 'resigned for personal reasons'

conversely, when there is credit to be claimed, the paps shall not hesitate to brag, highlight and exaggerate about it like "IT'S THE GOLDEN ERA NOW". it really happening?

why then they do not dare to shoulder the responsibility when they goof?


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