Saturday, April 5, 2008

more nics...more revelations....

From: Tyler Durden (太乐德灯) (KassemSaleh) 3-Apr 16:34
To: Leongsam 75 of 91

172747.75 in reply to 172747.44

>I agree that much of this forum is full of hatred and insults.

I couldn't agree more.

>My question is why do you have to contribute to the bitterness
>and hatred when you can spread friendship and goodwill instead?

Becos his behaviours are uniquely $in-gaporean.

>If everyone was nice to each other here, this forum which much
>more pleasant place to interact in.

This LEEtard hurled tons of racial slurs and vulgarities at me - that's how he ended up on my ignore list. Consider that he might not want this forum to be a pleasant place - he wants it to be like hell, where he rightfully belongs.

Now, I'm not sure if zafette is Lamei's old nick (she once told me that she had two kids), but she once chided me for my practice of putting people on my ignore list. She felt that it was necessary to continue engaging with people, even if the argument wasn't making any sense. I didn't see it that way, and I still don't. As I've mentioned a couple of times in this forum, I see that as a way of co-existence.

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