Wednesday, April 9, 2008

she complains, he backstabs, everyone's doing it now!

just how sinister this sbf can deteriorates to.....

Coffee Shop Talk - Who pretended to be me??? Sinister!!!
From: cantbeassed 4-Apr 19:27
To: ALL 1 of 89


Recently a fake picture was posted of me on this forum, here is the link

and here is the link to the same pic that someone had deleted, obviously they did it so it would make me look like an asshole who whinges to sammyboy

and here is my email to Walt Howe (i deleted my email address)

Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 7:55 AM
Subject: sammyboyforum

Dear Walt,

You recently deleted my supposed picture another forummer posted on the sammyboy forum. This picture was not me, but I would rather that the forummers thought it was me, hence it being posted on a fellow forummers website.

Why did you delete it? How did you even know that it was there???

Here is the link to the particular post...

Thanks in advance,



and here is Walt Howe's reply

We received a complaint from a person who said it was her picture and requested it be deleted. In such cases, since we are quite sensitive to copyright and privacy issues, we will take the action without further proof.

Walt Howe
Terms of Service Office
Delphi Forums

My question to you is, why would anyone be so petty and stupid to do such a thing?? Who the fuck was it????? What a complete loser...

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