Tuesday, June 17, 2008

used, abused and back-fired!

this really serves him right! use people. then abuse their trust...and finally backfired.

i had met chiatilik, ejay ng and jaslyn go aka lamei last time quite regularly for weekend morning brunch. treating them like good new found friends, i stupidly brought them home and served them like vip guests and continued chit-chatting for hours. anything good that i had in my home, i would gladly bring it all out to share with them.

things changed as soon as i thought there was good camaderie rapport. discords were sown between us by the bitch accusing me of prying into her private affairs. (like really there was alot of hush-hush going on).

later, chia deployed horde of gay boys to spam me in my handphone and even msn. strange that a lawyer could betray his ethic of professionalism in indulging such kind of actions.

and his sinister mischievious scheme backfired to himself. read what was posted in his own blog. these were the exact sms-es that i received...and many more from his other gay boys like andrea, joey, politikus and who knows what ....;9(

Dear All Readers,

Do you really need a leader like Chia Ti Lik leading Singapore? A womaniser leader? I was once his regular chatting mate in MSN and he did admit that he had an affair with a client age 30+ in his office. I guessed it was JaslynGo.
Yes, it might be his rights as a human being but we are given a brain to think as a human being. Sad to say he never use his brain wisely to think.
He admit to me, he love Jaslyn in our recent chat but why he need to do it secretly and hurts his wife (Michelle Yan) feelings and also Jaslyn’s husband at the 1st place?
Why all the secrecy relationship?
If both of them no longer love their partners, why not be frank to them?
Think fellow Singaporean, if he can cheat his love ones he can even cheat us.

Comment by nfirdaus | May 24, 2008

A fine post once again and please boycott Firdaus for spreading such shameless vicious slander.

Comment by phew! | May 24, 2008

In his sms sent to me on 23/12/2007 645pm thru hp number +6594508***
” I just fucked a pretty girl last week. What Can you offer me? Have you tasted and entered a good wet cibai before?”

and at 742pm he added somemore. ” The girl enjoyed it alot la. Very pretty somemore. For me easy with women”

Comment by nfirdaus | May 25, 2008

His latest sms dated 25/5/2008 0805pm “You are an Idiot. I want you to make unreserved apology on my blog”
Firdaus : Why should I apologise? those statement was nothing but the truth. Every opposition political activist should boycott him. We do not need such leader in opposition.

Comment by nfirdaus | May 25, 2008

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