Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the moral of my dead tienlor water snail...

i really cannot understand....why like that??

my last tienlor....i loved it very much. care for it. fed it with expensive water plants. it had grown quite large. yet it always tried to escape.once it went missing for weeks only to be found hidding inside a inverted pot. was so surprise it was still alive after i threw it back into the goldfish bowl.

after a couple of weeks it had fatten itself up, it crawled out again during the night. found it. threw it back. next day it crawled out again. this was its last escape cos it fell and cracked its shell....and that was the end of my last longest surviving tienlor.

i threw it back into tht goldfish bowl. it came out of its shell...but only one long feeler. it was liked waving goodbye to me and retrieved back into the shell never to come out again.a few hours later, the water smelled. the tienlor was dead...*sniff*...

it was finally dead!


why did the tienlor choose freedom knowing that it couldn't survive outside this goldfish tank? still it escaped, fell, broke its shell and died....


it does relate to our situation of serfs living in sinkieland. serfs are like my tienlor and sinkieland is like the goldfish bowl except serfs does not possess the dexterity of my escaping tienlor which yearned so much for freedom....even it means death to it.

oh...i love my demised tienlor...for its persistant spirit of freedom

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