Tuesday, September 11, 2007

simple and uncomplicated soyabean.....

she was an old lady.....a total stranger to me. she was with another old lady. they seem to be very good pals.

as i sat and was still waiting for my burmese prince who had this bad habit of being late, i ordered another small cup of sugarless soyabean. got myself a you cha kway or dough fritter. returned to my table and began to savour the piping hot deep fried dough.

before i did, i pressed the oil you cha kway with the wax paper that wrapped around it. gosh! tonnes of oils oozed out and now it was a piece of greasy oily paper.

you cha kuay or you tiao dipped in hot soyabean drink was really a simple pleasure anyone could enjoy best in the morning. it was really a humble meal by itself costing only $1: 40c for the small cup sugarless soyabean (50c if with added syrup) and 60c for the evil oily deepfried fritter.

very soon, a pair of indians sat beside my table. presumably they were FT labourers. each holding a small bowl of soyabean curd, they sat and they slurped their beancurd.

as i watched, i smiled. the way they ate they food was a sight to behold too. one of them held up the spoonful of the piping hot beancurd (must have been just cooked), gently blowed at it and gracefully slurped the curd. he was liked letting the mess 'gargled' in his mouth only finally to swallow it in an orgasmic delight after which he let out a smile at me. he was aware i was looking at the way he enjoyed his soyabean curd.

i smiled back. he returned another bigger toothy pearly set of satisfied grin.

it was a joy and delight for them indulging in their 60c piping hot soyabean curd.

it was another simple and uncomplicated happiness.........;9)

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