Thursday, September 13, 2007

i love my poodle

i tot poodle is the dog.

i love my poodle. it's fluffly like a cotton ball. when it's FAT, we really cannot tell it whether it's the meatiness or the fluffiness of it's luxuriant fur.

i love my poodle. i can trim his fluffiness into ballie shape. from head to ears. from legs to tail.
only when i trim it, then i realize how FAT my poodle has gotten itself to be.

the tail is as thick as it's legs!!!

but fat it maybe, the head still remain small sized.

i love my poodle. i love training it to do SIT, STAND, COME, FETCH...DOWN and PLAY DEAD.
now i m trying to train it to cross my legs like the circus.

i m pinkyclown. i just loooooooove my poodle!!

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