Tuesday, August 28, 2007



THIS is a very simple and at the same time very chim short phrase.
i ve attended a christian meeting and i preached that to them. i think hor...all quite blurred by it. some may be enlightened....:D

this was what i told them:

the bible was written by man, hence a FORM was created from a total EMPTINESS. after the form, bible was written, believers the christian adhere strongly to it. live by it. preach by it. even die by it.

and who is GOD?

another form created from emptiness??

who is BUDDHA?.....it's not a form. it's US! everyone of us is a unawaken buddha.

a BUDDHA is simply a man who is awaken and mindful about his environment and surrounding. he is an awaken man who appreciates everything around and tries to live harmoniously. he tries all his best to live as happy as one can be and let his happiness overflows so that it shall touch all those around him.

by doing so, he hopes that all who have been touched could also awake their buddha nature within.

JOY WILL THE THE DAY when all sentient beings are awaken to their true inborn BUDDHAHOOD. this day will come and all lost spirits in HELL will be set free and di zhang wang would be a full fledge buddha.

again, when the day comes, it would also be the arrival of the second coming of the buddha of future - MAITREYA BUDDHA. his coming signifies the end of the world is near.

so have u grasp ur compassion today to bring forth ur inner BUDDHA??.......... ;9)

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