Monday, August 20, 2007


i will intrigue u more about my weird FT IT tenant who has a tremendous pay hike recently.
he did his laundry last nite. my goodness!! undies...not again!!
but this time, it was different. it was branded red undies. IT WAS CALVIN KLEIN!!!
this morning he just whizzed past my room. i was waken by his scent. gosh!! smelled damn shiok! no longer cheapo perfume...smelled like something exquisite.
when the pay is up, so is his weirder taste.....;9)

the original red undies story is in my UPHEAVAL OF LEETAHSAR blog:

it created a stir in the sammyboy coffeeshop forum and like a RED UNDIES CULT was unofficially formed. forummers there still bring it up once a while. really funny!......;9)

actually he showed it off to me. i even tried it on.
shiok! is the only word i can describe ck undies. i think if i strike the next 4D, i would be getting a pair too. rather expensive at $48!!
this tenant sure know how to taste life when he has the means.....;9)...and he's very young only barely 24.
all his hardworks has finally see fruits now. he once was so stressed, he even asked me to bring him to my ex-temple to pray.
i counselled him to bear with his present job. it's just a matter of time before he get used to the routine. once he overcomes that, everything shall be less stressful.
true enough! he's now enjoying his job. he can even suka suka go...suka suka comes home. in fact, he's now the only vital personnel in his dept. the rest of his colleagues had resigned.
really must give it to him and admire him for his resilient and perserverance.
we got lot to learn from our FT from matland...such young chap some more who has also graduated from his part-time degree computer course.
kudos to him!!......;9)

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