Thursday, August 16, 2007

here comes the bulldozers...yes again!

this time it was worst.

the original tenant who occupied the land sublet the place to us. he was like renting the entire area for only $200 a YEAR with a 25 yrs lease as a commercial orchid growers. we were now renting from this avaricious old fuck for $800 a mth. beside that we had to pay him about $900 just to sit around the nursery selling our plants when we go out for our landscape projects.

neither johnson nor i mind about this arrangement because we still considered the price to be ok.

hardly did we know that the lease for the land is expiring. the old man didn't inform us or tell us anything in advance to allow us to prepare for shifting our plants or hunt for another place or any other backup plan....

and one fine morning....the bulldozers came!.....we weren't even aware. we were out to do our daily maintenance chores. when we returned, humps of muds were piled up high along the path leading to the nursery's entrance. we were shocked out of our balls!

for the next few days, after clearing a passage we tried to salvage as many more expensive plants as we could and hunt for a new location. the old man had vanished into thin air as though he hadn't existed.....;9(

again, good times usually does not last long. soon, i realised the flaws of human character.

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