Thursday, August 16, 2007

was rich, am poor and going to be poorer.....:)

was rich? am poor? ...and going to be poorer??

then why a smiley face :) ? goes. my long windedness of lo sohing starts....

long before my time, i was a freaking rich horticulturist happily sowing my seeds, propagating my cuttings and happily selling my own homegrown plants.

misfortune struck! the land at mandai was marked for widening for the expressway. hence, the bulldozers visited my garden. thence, leaving a trail of destruction.....;9( . there went my plants, my pride, my dreams......:(

i just love gardening to give up so easily. along came JOHNSON. by some uncanniness, this fatso resembled me in shape, size and even the face! when we stood next to each other, we were like identical twins!

we hit on very quick. he was a good man. a person with a big heart. so am i. it was like HEY! I FOUND MY LONG LOST TWIN!! we went into partnership and found ourselves another garden in jalan dedali. this is a very ulu or remote place to find after winding snaky kampong road of left and right turns, then u would be able to locate this very secretive garden of mine.

acquainting with JOHNSON was the best thing to happen in my horticultural business. he was an even more resourceful chap than i. he got for the company some jb guys to help in running the nursery. soon i acquired landscaping projects for which i designed the landscapes, liaised with clients, proposed and implemented my designs. finally get bitchy and chased after stinky clients for payments.....;9(

times was really good then. i was having so many landscaping projects and my bank accounts was swelling.....;9). after the done up a landscape, i would undertake the montly contract to maintain it. this provided my daily income when for months, there won't be any new landscape projects to involve.

my garden maintenance contracts were so good, it was like 5-figures. it was a very relaxed and enjoyable activities for me. so good that i never considered myself working. i was truly enjoying every moments of it just to be mingled with plants.

johnson got a piece of land where we rented to run our plants business for very cheap. it was like $800 per month for a hectare of land in jalan dedali. (i hope i got that area right). this place was a run down orchid farm and also a rotweiler breeding farm. those monster dogs always gave me the creep. i even had nightmares being chewed up alive by them!

well...u couldn't expect everything to be perfect, can u? here, i started all over again....merrily doing what i loved best - GARDENING my days away...and selling my self grown plants.

one find day......without warning, the bulldozers came - oh no! not again!!

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