Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the froggies and the tower

one cool morning, a group of frogs gathered for community croaking. they noticed a high tower was build nearby. one froggy suggested, "hey, let's climb this tower to the top and view our surrounding from there." the rest croaked in agreement and in unison.

off the group of froggies climbed up the tower.

soon, the sun came out. it was getting hotter. everyone was wondering why were they climbing this tower. 2 dropped off. then 5.....then 7....then all descended back to the ground.

they looked at each other and burst out laughing. they started commenting how silly each other had been and asked who was the idiot who suggested it in the first place.

suddenly, it dawned onto them that one little froggy was still up there...climbing persistently and slowly. finally it reached the top of the tower. after a brief rest, the little froggy began descending.

as soon as it reached the ground, all the froggies were cheering and applauding him for successfully making to the top of the tower. they asked him what motivated him to continue so.

the little froggy who was quite deaf and it replied, "oh, i didn't quite hear everyone discouraging everyone else so i continue to climb as what someone initially suggested."


FAITH is what keeps one going even though other may fail along the way.....so with FAITH in you, always believe that u will definitely make it!!

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