Tuesday, October 14, 2008

martial arts in local politics

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Martial arts in local politics


sadly the news confirmed it: chee ah juan was severely injured after exchanging blows with beh mati lee. his sister, chin chin tried to sneak a blow from behind but was warded off by beh mati's son - the nefarious pinky lee.

she received a muting blow to her cheek resulting in a face that resembled a mad bull dog bitch.

reeling in agonising defeat, the chee siblings called their aiya newly founded disciples lamui and chia sai.

ah juan: chia sai, your master is quite seriously injured and need to find a safe hiding place to recuperate and regain internal energy.

chia sa: oh master....*sob, sob*..

ah juan: listen carefully lamui and chia sai....*cough, cough...a gush of spittle splashed onto lamui's face*.....i m going to say this only once...

lamui was relishing the spittle. it contained 80% of the master's last shred of internal energy.

ah juan continued: mui mui, i want u to lalala around using the special skill chin chin transferred to you...the deadly FLIRT&DESTROY. go out and gather all the humsup forummers. round them up and flirt until u can exploit them by a blink of ur beady ratty eyes...

lamui: yes master....your spittle splash has indeed increased my internal strength. it would be a breeze!

ah juan: good! chia sai, u ve a more important mission. i want u to take flying tiger and fly to LONDON HILL. search for the deadliest lost martial arts from the ang mo monkeys. learn the CRAZY DRAGON DEADLY 18 BLOWS....come back and avenge for me. i m afraid i m totally miamed this time...

chia sai: yes master....i set off immediately. please loon until my return....*sob, sob*.

after a hug, kiss and boo-hoo-hoo with lamui, chia sai mounted - don't get the wrong idea - flying tiger , not lamui and set off to LONDON HILL to find and master the lost martial skill.


would chee ah juan regain control of the martial world with his newest beloved aiyah disciple, chia sai? would lamui gather enough humsup heelos to tekan the tyrant who was ruling PEESAILAND? would chin chin recover to become chin swee to get married in time?

the newest kungfu event in town!! DON'T MISS IT!!

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