Tuesday, October 28, 2008

now for the lovey-dovey drama.....

what's a kungfu story without all the "he loved her. she loved him but he didn't love her but loved another she..and that she loved the first he..." wow!! very confusing.

so side-track to the lovey-dovey drama......

lamui was fedup with Uncleyap. she winked at him but was shrugged off. instead UY winked at chin chin cos after being grievously injured, chin chin really resembled his beloved demised bulldog bitch! however, chin chin was undecisive cos she got hots for chia sai and he - alamak - was deeply infatuated with lamui.

as the lovey-dovey circle rolled......

if u shunned lamui, it would be a hell-knows-no-fury thing. if she couldn't have UY, the next best thing for her would be to destroy him. her deadly FLIRT&DESTROY skilll went into action - DISCORDS SOWING started.

chin chin was furious with UY. in a rabid fury, she bit his forearm. gosh!! UY treated it as a love bite - of all thing!! his admiration for her grew stronger and loving it when she bit even harder, deeper and shakier. when she bit tightly, her bulldogged face would shake violently. UY just loved it!!

this mean F&D from lamui failed miserably. it stimulated UY to be more obssessed with chin chin. bo bian, she applied on chia sai. well, it worked fine with him. he executed a blow to UY and snapped, slapped and whacked the moonlight out of him until he could see stars. LOL!!

poor turdy nerd was feeling neglected and sore after cowering out from the CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW with injunboy who was another important component in the stance formation. lamui noticed his vulnerablity. she flashed a F&D deadly wink at him, the nerd became fully charged. he was orgasmic and became under her spell which she would be waiting for the right opportuned moment to exploit him for her next evil scheme. the nerd now bowed to her as the EMPRESS DOWAGER!! ...and that was precisely her insiduous plan all along.

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