Thursday, October 16, 2008

part 4 - the end?

Re: Martial arts in local politics


it was the country's PARDONFUL DAY. all the captured chee's disciples were set free temporarily.

lamui wasted no time and began executing her newly acquired FLIRT&DESTROY skill. with the enchanced internal strength spittle from master chee, already 100+ had fallen victims according to her record in FACEBOOK.

she must be very proud of herself and her deadly F&D kungfu. there was a slight catch here: what if....say only hor, just pray pray - what if among the 100+ there were undercover spies from the kangaroocourt clan which was now the #1 arch-enemy and a powderful divison of the LEEgime? what then? now how, how and a BOW-WOW-WOW??

JJ, the powderful shapeshifting nerd wasn't skivving either. he was busy brushing stories to motivate peasants about the "injustice and tyranny" brewing in PEESAILAND.

all these heelos had forgotten that it was a PARDONFUL DAY that they were set free. it was a public gimmick. it was temporary. they would still be captured, charged and convicted and might be sent to the gallow to be decapitated en masse.

invoking more displeasure to the LEEgime didn't seem to be a wise strategy and might add to the intensity of their convictions and punishments.

chia sai was back now. poor flying tiger! its back was greatly deformed. chia sai had also greatly fatten up. he was now BLOATED!!

did he found the deadly CRAZY DRAGON 18 DEADLY BLOW skill? did he master it?

SHOWDOWN & FINALE soon. the ending might take some time to conceptualise. you may like to fill your own perception to the story ending here.

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