Monday, August 18, 2008

the true spirit of OLYMPICS

What is the spirit of olympics?


never mind this month is the HUNGRY GHOSTS with lots of wandering spiritS.

what is the true spirit of the olympics?
may the best athelethe win or the best medals money can buy?

i think it's the testing of human physical ability to the limit. money and politics shouldn't be really be misused here just to gain a medal.

sadly, our country does that...and have no regret doing that..and will continue to exploit ways to ehance doing that.

the medals won this way have lost all its authencity and value. sad.

it's about li jia wei and feng tian wei by the china tv. after listening to them, it seems that MONEY is all that matters. that's why they chose to come over singapore cos here MONEY is really all that matters

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