Thursday, August 7, 2008

read it again, sam!

this interesting post from the new says it all :)....the reason for the old kopitiam closing shop, maybe?

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Re: what will happen to all msgs from old forum


Originally Posted by pweesng
Actually true lah... there were heaps of notices and all... plus although this site is not as entertaining (no flames to read) at least i do see it as being more useful in terms of discussion and questions.

One burning question Sam..... did postnew come over? we need him here! hahahah

I really don't know. He may show up eventually.

I honestly got so sick of the content of the old forum and the characters that infested it I used to dread having to administer it on a daily basis. It was like walking into some ghetto combat zone.

The heated arguments weren't so bad. What got to me were the endless GMS comments repeated 100 times a day 7 days a week plus the Ti Lik did this.. Ti lik did that... for them is a vote for the PAP on and on and on even worse than a broken record. Oh yes.. the Lamei stuff too.... lamei had an affair with so and so..blah blah blah....

I'd also have a ton of emails every morning with a torrent of abuse for being banned??? Me? ban them....when? Investigations almost invariably ended up with the culprit being Walt Howe.. the god of Delphi. Reason... violation of Delphi TOS! I got so fucking tired of hearing the term you I kid you not!

The coffee shop talk forum was NEVER intended to serve as a political platform for so called half baked "activists" Pappies or otherwise. It was started simply as a place where people from the sex forum could discuss non sexual issues which were deemed off topic in the sex forum. It was NOT for flame wars... bastion of freedom of speech and all that jazz. It was for simple easy going chit chat... what did you have lunch... what movies are good.... what do you think of the new Lexus etc etc.

Political stuff was welcome to but it was intended to be politics from the viewpoint of the average sinkie joe. I never wanted professional "activists" and the the various party "internet brigades" to invade the forum and do battle 24/7.

I was so sick of the old Delphi forum I let one of my staff handle most of the day to day shit whenever he had the time. I only popped in once in a while or when emails from the forum hit my inbox.

This new forum is an attempt to return the forum to its true roots. I don't need the traffic to be anywhere near what the old coffee shop attracted. As long as the number of messages per day exceeds 200+, I'm happy to keep it humming along. If the traffic dwindles and I don't see people enjoying themselves here, I'll shut it down or try some other theme related to my hobbies and interests. My hands are already full running the sex forum which is so big it's now running on 6 servers going flat out.

People come here and say .. "This forum boring.. no life.. no fun... etc". My answer is the same... any forum is what you make of it. This site is not my blog. It's a forum. YOU provide the content... not me. All I do is provide the software, the hardware and the technical support to keep it going.

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