Thursday, August 28, 2008

super kiasu! why our gabramen so like that one huh??

bt batok mp ong chit chung passed away due to a heart attack. bt batok was under JURONG GRC which was walkover fr the last GE. many singaporeans now call for a by-election.

however our bragging gabramen has unabashfully rejected this call. if they were so confident claiming themselves as lst class gov and all the lst class blah-blahs, why are they so scare for a by election.

i remember our "executive presidential election" where we SUPPOSE to elect the president for ourselves, the citizens but instead again it was the gabramen who actually directly decided who should be the one put as presidential candidate.

it has and SHALL never be the choice of citizens' rights to vote whoever WE want fairly and squarely.

it seems that all the mps voted into parliament just do not hold well to their own conscience as representing the people. i think none rendered their votes to pass the motion for the by election.

i admire nmp siew kum hong's speech. when could we really be a TRUE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. all the gabramen does is just empty bragging. THEY DO NOT PRACTISE WHAT THEY PREACH.

this is a sad county.......;9(

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