Monday, November 3, 2008


poor fattie john, one of the 3 stooges in pirated kangaroo Ts was sabotaged by his own student. inevitably, his rice bowl was being broken and he might be going on a crash diet soon. sad

all new events related to this martial arts duel would be condensed here.

James Cook University (JCU) has suspended Mr John Tan from his position as a lecturer. This is because Mr Tan, who is also the assistant secretary-general of the Singapore Democrats, is being charged with contempt of court by Attorney-General Walter Woon.

Mr Tan was informed of the decision on 21 Oct 08 when he was called in to the Dean's office and abruptly handed the letter informing him that he was suspended with immediate effect.

Mr Tan subsequently went to see Dr Dale Anderson, CEO of JCU. In that meeting, Dr Anderson showed Mr Tan an email that was sent to the university by a "Collin Lim".

The CEO admitted that he did not know who this Collin Lim was or if he was, in fact, a student at the university. The email noted Mr Tan's political activities and said that the psychology lecturer was associated with Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Dr Anderson also drew Mr Tan's attention to the fact that Collin had copied the email to the Minister for Education, Dr Ng Eng Hen.

When Mr Tan appealed to the academic principles of JCU, Dr Anderson replied that "half of the school is owned by Singapore" and implied that there was nothing he could do because he was under the employment of Singapore.

In response, 28 of Mr Tan's students and former students wrote letters of support of Mr Tan to the university to which Dr Anderson replied: "I cannot enter into a discussion on this matter until it is clear of court action."

in the sdppy's manual, they were always right. never argue with them. even if they were wrong, it was always RIGHT to them. they were the LAW!!

someone in the martial world was incensely pissed with their unabated arrogance. he started a manual to counter-act their nonsense:

IS SDPPY HONEST? if they were, how come they publicise a "PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL" letter to fattie john.

mati lah!! the uni now sure couldn't mend back fattie's rice bowl liao!

PTE & CONFIDENTIAL LETTER for everyone to read

important note: The university's chief executive officer, Dale Anderson, said Mr Tan was not a staff member at the university but was contracted to teach Psychology.

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