Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cute purple sexmobile for SALE

the sweet purple sexmobile

her clean beige innards

if leetahsar aided gohmengseng with his purple sexmobile... this

multi-functional purple sexy cute beauty is left with 3 mths lifeline. after that the gahmen would brutally rape, kill and scrap it. it's now being held ransom by gahmen for the price of $30k +. if i couldn't cough out that ransom money, they would butcher my poor sexy pie into a lump of waste iron.

would wanna adopt it for $25,600 cash?

her interiors:

solid sensurround and stereo sound system. play music machiam u were there in the concert LIVE!
matching beige cushion 7 seaters
crystal-liked hugh handle steering ROD
when reversing, she would yelp in hokkien
innards are multi-voiced effect. one of which is radiokar noises: pee por pee por...mata chia lai liao...pee por ...pee por.
if u stuck in behind roadhog, fear not. built-in special effect speaker allows u to shout expletives to the roadhog to give way.
all back seats could be reclined, withdrawn and turned into instant lovebed. hence, the name SEXMOBILE
complete with curtains for greatest privavy when humping begins. great suspension. no squeaking. only groaning, moaning and maybe suddenly yelping: YES...YES...OH GOD...YES!!

good huh? save u lots of money checking into expensive hotel. just think of the instant convenience when the horny bug strikes u!

so make an offer quick!

fixed price: $25,600. lst cum, lst served!

also available for rental on special occasion. negotiable price depending of activity or "activity".

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