Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the happy journey of planting a seed......

the happy journey of planting a seed......

a few weeks ago, my son planted a sunflower seed into a pot. a few days later, it sprouted. he was thrilled and excited about it. enthusiastically, he would water it and stare at it as though creating a pschyic link to his pet sunflower baby.

very soon, his sunnyboy - that's what he named his pet sunflower - grew to be taller than he. i had never seen a happier boy than now. before that, he was couped with with either his nintendo or his pc games. now he was all focused at his gradually growing taller and taller SUNNYBOY.

one day, a bud formed. he was so thrill and beckoned me to look at it pointing gingerly. he watered it and added some bonemeal like what uncle leetahsar had taught him to.

in about another week, the SUNNYBOY burst forth his bud. it was a magnificent sight!! a big glowing sunflower that seemed to be radiating golden light!! everyone in the family was so happy just looking at happy SUNNYBOY.

again, like what uncle leetahsar told my boy: "observe the follows the sunlight and that's why it's called SUNFLOWER...." and boy!! my boy really paid lots of attention to it on the dot at every hour.

he was entralled and mesmerised with SUNNYBOY. it really did follow the light - from east to west glowing ever so happily and bright.

it was almost 2 weeks since SUNNYBOY bloomed. it attracted many kinds of friendly bees. i was amazed at the kinds of colorful bees but according to my li'l brother LTS, he said those were hoverflies. the black ones were the stingless small bees and the striped ones were the dunno-what-he-said bees.

very soon, the petals of SUNNYBOY began to shed. the big round petaless flower pad was droopy. and oh my god!!! we had rare visitors - a pair of small wild greenish paratkees which came to feed the sunflower seeds which were abundantly formed.

this time, my son was thrilled again and hid behind the curtain to steal some photoshot with his IPHONE at the pair of paratkees busily nibbling the sunflower seeds......

it was really priceless. a simple sunflower seed could bring so much joy to an innocent boy and to all those who had seen how glowingly happy SUNNYBOY displayed its glamour.

that my friends is the simple happiness and the priceless satisfaction derived from it.

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