Sunday, June 12, 2011

the happy nun who donated a kdney n all her money

the happy nun who donated a kdney n all her money
it's amazing this nun i met with my li'l brother leetahsar at a temple.

she was a rich man's daughter major in pschology with a phd and was a psychiatrist in IMH before she robed up as a full-time nun and now providing counselling FOC.

was told that her practising rate was then like $36 per minute charge. but now as a fulltime nun, it's all free of charge. her gentleness and affable nature allow her to untangle the bidding knots of troubled souls.

what makes her great was she was born as the only daughter of a very rich man who left her an inheritance of a few millions $. not only she donated all those away to help tsunami victims, she unconditionally donated too one of her kidneys.

such compassion is so rare!

though now she walks with a limp, she has no regret. when u look at her, she appears as a very happy nun - smiling, laughing, joking .....and ever so honest to answer ur problems.

she is truly a living bodhisattva!

without her million $ inheritance, without one kidney ...and bald without a strand of hair, this nun is living simple, satisfied and truly ABSOLUTELY happy!!

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