Monday, May 2, 2011

leetahsar almost brought tears to Josephine buck-toothed yeo

what can i say about my li'l brother the abdominal LEETAHSAR?

LTS was sipping his teh-see siew dai (tea wtih cream n less sugar) at toa payoh hawker centre. buck-toothed josephine had to come and shake hand with him. it became a very interesting dialogue .....

josephine: Hi! nice to meet u. remember vote for pap! ( hand stretched to shake)

leetahsar: (reached out his hand to grab josephine)...can i ve 3 minutes of your time please?

J: sorry bz....(smiled with glistening colgate commercial buck-teeth)

LTS: (held on firmly to her hand) then why come shake hand with me...just by pass me or anyone would be ok. i just wanna pour my displeasure with the pap. so u pap guys aren't really interested lah?

J: (jialat liao and bo bian, smiled and sat down) ok i listen to your unhappiness for awhile.

LTS: u see...there are many old folks hanging around in hawker centres nowadays. many are not buying hawkers' food. some are eyeing at food leftover by others so that they could feast on it. some are counting their coins so that they know they ve enough for a bowl of noodle......

i m saddened. why are all these happening in my ward and many other places when the pap claims that they are looking after all these poor old folks?

J: but we do look after them.....

LTS: (snapping in) you do? then there shouldn't be all these poor old guys behaving like that. the fact that i m also angry at why pap doesn't control the rental of hawkers'stalls? why do they upgrade n then raise all the rentals? and worst, why do they allow the hawkers to sublet and then raise the rentals further to another sub-tenanted hawker. in the end, the bowl of noodle ends up very expensive cos we have to bear all those unreasonable rental costs. why...i really wanna know why aren't the mps looking into this and control the prices...or control the rents and also for the food prices? why is subletting allowed?

u look at some of those stalls there. so many closed. why? either they ve made enough or they are closed for good? why does this allowed to happen?

hawker centres were built to provide affordable food to residents. many just couldn't afford such foods any more. doesn't the pap have the decency to feel shameful that they have allowed such sorry state to happen and persist?

J: sorry uncle. those hiccups are not under our jurisdiction. they belong to NEA.

LTS: (temper brewing and almost shouted WTF!!) but u and the paps always boasted that u look after the poor and the needies, the aged and sick and blah ...blah. so that's not true isn't? u just passed the ball to another statboard...and if i were to go to that statboard, the ball would be passed to the next...and the next. ultimately, it's the pap's administration that is allowing such a irresponsiblity to be passed along like a musical chair.

J: not like that uncle....that's not very fair comment.

LTS: that's inconsequential...whether it's fair or not. the fact that such a sad sorry phenomenum is happening all over many hawker centres. doesn't the pap bear some responsibility that they are the CAUSE? they could easily control the rental, prevent subletting or even control the prices of food sold. if they legitimatise all food prices to be sold at say, $2.... half of the residents' unhappiness over expensive hawker foods would have been solved.

why doesn't the pap administration do that? why allow food prices in hawker centres to escalate like nobody's business? do u call that a "concerned and caring" gov? i doubt so.

J: that's not fair again the comment. we already have social welfare implemented to help the poor and the needies.

LTS: THAT'S INCONSEQUENTIAL AGAIN, MY DEAR.....(louder and sterner tone) pap likes to push the problem...push the blame....claim all the credits but when come to such basic, they are quite ignorant and almost done nothing much to bring down food prices. why is it like that? the miserable welfare dished out is really pathetic. have u tried before to survive on that miserable amount?

J: we have more important things and problems to deal with... and lacking in manpower....

LTS: ya, right! how much is ur mp's pay...and your regular job's pay? mp's i believe is about $14.5K and your regular monthly pay might be even more. so i believe u could engage maybe an assistant capable to help u solve all these pesky problems. u can spare a mere $3 or $4k to engage me....n i see i bring all the prices of all the hawker food down. of course i must be equipped with all the necessary jurisdiction and power to handle the rentals and fix all the irrational rules.

......and it went on and on. by the time, josephine buck-toothed knew it, she had already spent almost an hour talking to the super lo so LTS. she was quietly fuming. her face was blushed and if one looked carefully, she felt humiliated and almost close to tears.

LTS - u big fat idiot!! now why u go and bully such a sweet buck-toothed lady mp? LOL!!

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