Monday, April 25, 2011

spirits of GE

is there a good spirit floating around this GE ramble?

there isn't a good spirit. there are however many other spirits. the most notorious being the 2 evil spirits from the pap - KIASU gui and KIASI gui

to be honest, there isn't any GOOD SPIRIT. there are many vengeful spirits mainly enamanating fr the pap where many backdoor mps could be facing their graves soon. yep! asa la vista, baby!! u ve your thrill screwing peasants for 5 yrs. it's about time, u'll be put to rest...and rest in peace.

from lau goh, as usual his super bionic kaisu and kiasi spirit prevail. his pair of detestable spirits always foul the GE atmosphere. there the immortal spirit. piangzz!! gone was his wife. gone were his many kakis. and now even gone is SAI BABA...but this immortal spirit still remains.

when he remains means i shall be robbed off my rights to vote. yep!! ve waited like more than 20 yrs and was eagerly hoping i could vote. but NO!! so how long must i wait? he dies first or i go first? he dies, i may be able to vote. at last!! i go first means i shall complain to the KING OF HADES. i m a victim robbed by the immortal sinkie spirit of my rights to vote

now all his backdoors metrosexual mps who are just plain decorative vases materials, who promise to speak for voters...but what voters??? WE DON'T GET TO VOTE!! fuck you and fuck you dead!

now singaporeans maybe a gullible lot - a stupid foolish spirit who are easily appeased by angpows which are to be distributed soon. then what? in exchange for their precious sacred votes! what else?!!

once that LEEGALISED transaction is completed, the fates of ALL singaporeans are sealed or rather SCREWED for the next 5 long yrs. so after the GE, there sure to be many whinning, moaning and regretful spirits.

so where are the TRUE HEROIC SPIRIT in singapore? u wanna show it now by voting out the lording spirit that piss our livelihood, making many breathless and suffocating for irrational increases. they don't want us dead and stiff. they only want half of our spirit and keeping the other half alive for us so that everyone can slave to enrich their domination.

so it's NOW OR NEVER! show singapore, we are spirited. we truly want a lst class gov with lst class opposition in parliament to speak for us. we don't wanna choke. and surely we don't want to be screwed until we are half dead and under thier mercy.

oh no! not this. not the next!

so brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, let combine our tortured spirit and VOTE THE HELL OUT OF THE PAP! time to cast out the EVIL SPIRIT that lord over us for so long. time to paste our TALISMAN and exorcise all their nonsense once and for all!

that TALISMAN is our VOTE....and VOTE THE PAP OUT!! or there might NOT be another 2nd chance.

pap, prepare to say your ASA LA VISTA! we shall pray for you...and pray the hell out of you!

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