Monday, February 22, 2010

a plead from an aggrieved husband....

found this posting in a forum. could that really be the aggrieved husband?? i wonder what was the drama that entails. divorced? remarried? split the kids? or what? heartlander drama is mesmerising. the lust of love and the love of lust giving rise to the torrential emotion of the hearts.

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谢智立(Chia Ti Lik): "不爱江山,爱美人!"

I'm coming online now to seek your supports and advice on my marriage problem.

I'm sure most of you have read the Shin Min Daily News front page news of 15 Nov 2007. Yes, I'm the man featured in the news.

My problem started when my company got into a business dispute with a major customer. The customer threatened to sue for damages for the inferior goods supplied. As I'm ignorant of business laws, I got worried that the lawsuit might ruin the company completely.

Luckily (or unluckily?), my wife and I found a lawyer in Tanjong Pagar who was willing to take on the case. As my wife was a director of my company without portfolio, this legal dispute was delegated to her to liaise with the lawyer. Fortunately we won the litigation, and I was very thankful to the lawyer.

After the legal dispute was settled, my wife continued to see this lawyer in the day time. At first I thought she was bored as a housewife, and it was good to keep contact with a lawyer who would be useful for future legal dealings.

Lately I discovered that she had been communicating with the lawyer using MSN. In one of many messages, she expressed that she wanted to marry him rather than being his mistress forever. Rumors started to appear that she was driving my car from my home in Queenstown to visit his home in Yishun during day time when I was busy at work. She even went to the extent of sending him to his office in Tanjong Pagar from Yishun. What she did in his home is everyone's guess.

Finally I felt that I must confront this bastard lawyer before my marriage is completely destroyed. So I visited his law firm in Nehson's Building. The rest of the story was reported in the Shin Min Daily News front page news of 15 Nov 2007.

I'm amazed that a highly educated lawyer would want an O-Level mother with 2 kids.

I regret that I didn't find out this womanizer lawyer earlier and I was made to wear green hat!

After this adulterous affair is exposed, this lawyer, who is already married, behaves like a typical playboy and does not want to marry my wife.

The question is: Should I divorce my wife?

The thought of divorcing my wife and giving her half of my assets and still maintaining her really makes me sick. What happens if she is stilling seeing him after gaining half of my assets and maintenance fees from me? I would be really looked like a fool of financing a mistress for the bastard lawyer!

What would be the best options for me? Please help!

PS: BTW, my wife and this lawyer are netizens of's Alfresco Coffee Shop using nicks LaMei and TiLik, respectively. Their photos are shown at the top.


Anonymous said...

yes, this is true. i know Chia's ex-wife. The affair caused their divorce.

leetahsar said...

would like to continue with PART 2 of this melodrama?

please share what happen to the lovers. did they marry after their divorces? what happen to the kids and their respective spouses?

is there a PART 3??