Thursday, March 19, 2009

do your kids understand your own dialect?

[QUOTE=tinyplanet;196048]No matter how solid is our local production, such as The Little Nyonya, still NO FIGHT with HK drama, esp this following one ...


it's more realistic when the dialogue is in canto cos it's easier to express it more authentically. LITTLE NYNOYA is just a new gimmick in which baba & nyonya does not get much exposure until now.

have we ever asked WHY? why do they waited until now then they are put in the openness?

the answer: every dialect, PERANAKAN included, wants to learn more about their origin and their roots. we want to be proud about it and not ashamed to continue glorify it.

what the old spaceship goat is trying to do now is to compel us to trash it, bury it and hopefully forget it to become pseudo-MANDARIN cheena. doesn't that make as inferior as a hokkien singaporean or a cantonese singaporean or even a hakka singaporean?

SPEAK MANDARIN campaign is destined to fail. we are more deep rooted to our dialect origin then the old man could think to trash dialect out of our roots.

most can already speak mandarin. what is he expecting more about? it's time he returns us our rights to dialect origin.

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