Monday, March 23, 2009

coverup, smear and create prejudices....?

when allan ooi's report first surfaced, ST hinted that he could be a "gaming freak". this article says much about the intention. coverup, smear and create prejudices....
hey, Straits Times, where’s the gaming addiction now?

Oops, someone got caught with their pants down eh?

THE Defence Ministry has come out for the first time to address the issues surrounding the sudden death of Captain (Dr) Allan Ooi in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this month.

Its spokesman, Colonel Darius Lim, said Capt Ooi’s superiors were aware of his unhappiness over his work, and had offered him a different appointment. But he never got back to his boss about whether he would take the option.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force medical officer, 27, was found dead underneath Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge on March 3. In a note he left behind, he said, among other things(LIKE WOW?), that he was unhappy at work. He lamented that he spent more time doing administrative work such as writing articles for the air force in-house magazine, than treating patients.

Capt (Dr) Ooi, a Singapore Armed Forces scholar, had wanted out of the SAF.

Col Lim said in a letter to The Straits Times Forum Page that on Oct 3 last year, Capt (Dr) Ooi was offered ‘the option of posting to an appointment which he would be interested in’. He did not elaborate on what the appointment was.

Capt (Dr) Ooi was to get back to his superiors on the matter in two weeks time.

‘However, he did not do so,’ Col Lim added.

Instead, on Oct 15, when the two weeks would have been up, he was declared as having gone AWOL or absent without official leave.

It is believed that he left the country on Oct 13, leaving his family and his employer in the dark as to his whereabouts.

The note he left behind for family and friends had been circulating widely on the Internet, setting off much chatter in blogs and forums about the SAF’s scholarship regime and its inflexibility.

so well Straits Times, where’s the gambling addiction and gaming addictions now? What happened to those examples about how gaming and playing WoW can lead to life’s problems? Why did it take SAF so long to come clean, and they only come clean AFTER the note was leaked online? Does that mean that if the note wasn’t leaked online, the SAF will not come clean? oh never mind that question, everyone knows the answer. Dirty linen should never be aired right? Taxpayers do not need to know the truths about the biggest spender of our budget.

I’m still waiting for the admission that you defamed a dead person by baseless speculations and gross untruths. Whoever the reporter was, and the editor too, SHAME ON YOU. Sorry for the wrong language, but fuck you people for trying to lie to the masses and defaming a dead person. How low can you get? despicable.

oh and the explanation given smacks clearly of blame shifting to Dr Allan Ooi. It paints a picture of an organisation “being accommodating and kind enough” to give him another position. Please la, the person wanted OUT. O.U.T. and was willing to pay to get OUT. Obviously, either they don’t understand the word “out” or they are not “accomodating and kind enough”? Looks like they rather have a unhappy and unproductive person on their hands(joining a whole bunch of many other unproductive people in a inefficient and unproductive organisation), rather than a happy and productive employee. Somewhere, someone in there must’ve got their HR management completely wrong. I hope these people are happy now.

Nevertheless, if an officer wishes to leave the service early, he can submit an application through a proper process. Approval to leave the service will be granted only in strong and extenuating circumstances.

Looks like approval to leave the service has now been granted by the SAF in Dr Allan Ooi’s case eh? Is dying fit a “strong and extenuating circumstance”

May the guilt of causing someone’s death be forever on your minds.

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