Thursday, March 12, 2009


Found this on Harwarezone:
Originally Posted by SAF doc
Hi there,

I am a colleague of Dr Ooi and it is truly saddening. What he wrote there was similar to what he confided in me as well. He was unhappy and desperate to leave.

Whatever he wrote in the letter about having his bond extended against his will etc is true. It has happened to many saf docs¡­ there are many of us stuck in this system now. Locked in at age 18, promised the moon and given excrement instead. Some are not unhappy, some are. The problem is, no one is allowed to resign. Dr Ooi¡¯s family has more than enough $ to pay his bond but the SAF is afraid that if one is allowed to leave, all their docs will leave and they will have no-one left to work for them.

Some of us have tried to leave, but even after they sending resignation letters and talking to the highest levels of superiors, the answer has always been ¡°no, we don¡¯t want to discuss the bond¡± or simply ¡°no, you cannot break¡±. No further discussion. Short of employing expensive lawyers to fight the gahmen¡­ we¡¯re stuck for 18-21 years after signing the bond.

It is truly saddening and SAF should be ashamed of bullying and deceiving young, bright doctors into a permanent sad future.

is NS really killing our own talents instead of "protecting" it? or is it an excuse to cover up their own embarrassment to public about their lame bureaucracy?

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