Sunday, March 29, 2009


what has the world becoming now? has it become so devoid that they need to worship another human?

why are some of our local pastors being addressed as "Reveremce so and so", eg. REVERANCE LAWRENCE KHONG. is he being a pastor a higher mortal or greater human? then there are the "VENERABLES" such as VENERABLE SHI MIN YI. but now he's down and standing on trial for misappropriation and criminal breach of trust so does the title "VENERABLE" still applicable to be addressed unto him?

we have the POPE and DALAI LAMA both who are "revered" by many that it seems that one could be representing GOD and the other BUDDHA. have human beings become so devoid of their humanity that they must put faith in another human being?

then what are religions created eons ago? it seem that they have lost much of their essence to the new-age humans representing it or a spokesman of the religion.

in simple humans just love creating something to adhere to and put their faith in. something is not very right in us. we have become too reliance on things which our minds create and ended up "attached" to it.

emptiness is form....and form is emptiness. think about this. maybe we would be enlightened :)

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