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SPEAK MANDARIN - how come beh sianz one?

canto soap operas vs tcs serials


remember chou yun fatt's MAN IN THE NET soap opera? it was pure tv enjoyment then. and tv license was even cheaper than now.

compare canto serials to local mandarin dramas, which would u prefer to watch? now there is an even bigger craze: the taiwanese lo so serials. i had watched them while in taiwan and they were really very addictive to watch especially the way they spewed those colorful hokkien. it really hit the satisfaction mental mode.

the hk canto serials are now dubbed so artificially in mandarin and much of the original flavour is lost. can u imagine listening to chow yun fatt splattering in funny canto accentuated mandarin. it's so forced and unnatural and doesn't do the superstar justice.

SPEAK MANDARIN has been around for so many years. if it had succeeded, it would have long ago. why repeating this every year? doesn't it look kind of stupid and redundant? it's just a waste of resources and it make the whole campaign so fake.


if the old man cannot speak good hakka, he shouldn't deprive true-bred hakka from promoting their dialect nor should he stops other dialect group from enhancing theirs.

some minitoots and mps should speak up on this. it's absolute infringement of our rights to preserve our dialect heritage - our own natural chinese roots.

this is absolute infringement to the type of entertainment that we pay to enjoy. definitely we are not getting out money's worth. this SPEAK MANDARIN is getting to be such an offensive obsession of the old goat in a spaceship.

just becos he doesn't understand a witty cantonese lines from such interesting serial and everyone has to be deprived of that rights to enjoy it.

when we do business with china, certain area like fujian, or guangzhou, hokkien or cantonese is mainly spoken there. beijing and shanghai mandarin are also quite different, so how far can singlish MANDARIN take us?

it makes us like counterfeit taiwanese which we are not. as for pure mandarin speaking chinese, we look a bit off tangent cos we are not communists china.

WHY CAN'T WE JUST BE PROUD OF WHAT WE ARE WITH OUR OWN UNIQUE CULTURE AND LANGUAGES OR DIALECTS? we should be proud about speaking SINGLISH cos that make us different from other country nationals.

it distinguishes our uniqueness and we should be very proud of it and not ashamed of. we should be ashamed of ourselves when we try to fake something that is totally unnatural to singaporean for which our old goat in spaceship can never understand. he cannot speak hakka and that's something he should really be ashamed of.
i especially love chou yun fatt's "cultured" expletive: kan lei lou mo chow chey pai....literally translated from canto, should be: follow your mother copy car number - which always leaves me in stitches after i realised what it really suppose to mean in XXX format. LOL!

or another from SHANGHAI BUND, "kui sek gai pao qi" or go eat chicken bun sharksfin which suppose to mean in canto GO TO HELL! or GO & DIE!

languages be it dialects or whatever spices our life with more colors and flavours. our gov shouldn't have meddled and controlled over it. they should leave that alone to let it evolves into a more interesting mode of life.

by the way, why is the old goat in spaceship still calling the shots? isn't he suppose to be partially retired? how is it always he demanding this and that?
try speaking mandarin when doing business in HK. either u get pissed or ur business associates get freaked out.

singaporean is a very versatile people blessed with linguistic skills which the gov should leave language alone. how come this one doesn't fall in the "seditious" category? our linguistic skills come from the multi-blending of dialects beside the 4 major languages. hkies or taiwanese or even the ang mo don't even get any closer to our linguistic skill. that's something we should be very proud of!

old goat in spaceship should also try the indian languages which have even more different kind of indian dialects. we are also doing lots of business with INDIA. just look around us, so many indian FTs now flooding our market.

so what's next? SPEAK TAMIL campaign? unify all indian dialects and force them to speak only official TAMIL?
try to speak to a hkies in mandarin next time u have a chance and u should know what i mean by forcing something that is unnatural to them.

alternatively, just pay attention to some of the hk artistes speaking mandarin. GRASSHOPPERS would be performing soon in town. just listen to their mandarin when they r singing and a different version of mandarin when they are talking. it's ludricous!
any language is useful. but our old goat in spaceship is trying to kill all dialects just becos he cannot speak his own root dialect of hakka.

look at some of the minitoot like georgie yeo, cock talking hen and many others, he should be forcing them to speak MANDARIN. they are getting obscenely paid and they should be the ones setting the examples.

if they can't do it, u expect "lesser mortal" or lowly paid peasants to lead? has anyone ever heard georgie yeo speaking teochew before? he spoke it more beautifully than when he stammers in MANDARIN! and yet listeners understood his teochew better than his forceful MANDARIN. now that's funny is it?
Originally Posted by Frankiestine
u dun have to watch the dub version can always get the canto version...and i get mine fresh by downloading the latest series..

mediacorpse forces down that at every peasants' throat. maybe it's about time we stand up for our rights to our very own entertainment and enjoyment.
the past sins of the old goat in spaceship, he hasn't really faced up to it yet and he dares to commit more.

From: singabagus Mar-18 9:23 pm
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dear chorut,

frankly i'm quite shocked by what u said...." it's only his don't have to follow..."

when a leader of a country expresses an opinion, it's almost like a decree....

so please don't pretend that it's just an opinion...

stop at two is also an opinion....see what happened now

graduates should marry graduates to produce premier kids...see what happend

speak mandarin campaign...see what happened to our society

we need foreign talents...see what had happened today

we need demographics balance.....see for your eyes now

means testing is just an opinion.....see what is happening...

you don't need three meals at a restaurant or foodcourt or what....

sending old folks to jb and batam....
there're many opinions and opinions expressed by our world class don't have to follow....but the whole machinery will start to run to ensure that the opionion is heard...and be carried out at all levels...'s only my don't take it too seriously....cheers!
the newer post 65 would have lost all their dialect roots. perhaps, it may signal the falls of paps as many suddenly love flying spaceship i.e off the ground than with the ground. if u know what i meant

if dialects can be turned into their advantages, who bothers about speaking MANDARIN? old goat wanna be pseudo-cheena man, pseudo ang mo and got one time he even praised the japs so much, i bet he would also wanna be pseudo-jap and promote jap speaking campaign too.

we are singaporeans and we should be proud of our dialect groups. singlish should be our official language! it's a blend of our unity and our culture. kill it and it destroys our identity.
the gov should just run their bureucracy. when it comes to culture, languages and traditionals which are things close at hearts with citizens, they should try and leave that alone.

burning incense during 7th mth is really bad. why don't the gov stop and prohibit that?

maybe they should even probit wayang operas which is in dialects. why don't they dare?
Originally Posted by yansen84
not true. ch48 on starhub, for instance, beams programmes from HK TVB. granted, the serials they show are not the latest from HK, but still nothing is curtailed. ditto the taiwanese channels, I think there's one hokkien channel now showing exclusively hokkien dramas from taiwan.

if all else fails, there's always the net you can turn to to download the shows you wanna watch.

actually we do not have time for all those, it's the elders who are kept glued to those serials. if it's in dialect, they would easily understood it. didn't many singaporeans also picked up the very colorful "qi sin" or the canto word for "crazy"? this was popularised by the late cheong yin from the serial THE CHAMELEON.

the older generation like us gotta enjoy it but why then the young are now being deprived of that wholesome enjoyment?
Originally Posted by yansen84
haha uncle you're right la. among us 'youngsters', i think i'm the only one who knows who is and watches 豬哥亮.

豬哥亮 runs road liao. his daughter is pretty chio though and nothing like his ugly hokkien comical father who's jokes are really classic XXX in gentlemanly manner.
Originally Posted by char_jig_kar
because of one man, who thinks, he know it all.

these are little endearment that glue citizens together - the uniqueness of dialects and not MANDARIN. those who are not educated, what's mandarin or even english to them?

we are born of our individual dialect group which consists of individual rich culture and tradition behind it. our spaceship old goat doesn't know how to appreciate or endear it, doesn't mean we must be forced to be like him and trash our dialect root.

how would one say HUAT KUEH in mandarin? FA sounds like canto of FXXK U! now that's funny isn't it? if there's misunderstanding in communicating, there would be misunderstand in whichever language or dialect used.

the old spaceship goat simply still half way in space and not landed to the ground yet. when he's landed, he could be overlanded, i.e., beneath ground level.

he should have used his limited time to pass on the virtues of HAKKA , a dialect which belongs to a special group of chinese who are famed for their resilient and endurance to times.

infact, instead of SPEAK MANDARIN, we should be teaching our children how to appreciate their dialect group and well-informed about the beauty and marvel of each of the dialects.

SPEAK MANDARIN is simply a waste of time and resources. it does make our gov looks stupid. after so many years, they are still wasting time at it.

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