Friday, July 31, 2009

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus

actually why would a married troll with kids got herself mixed up with someone's husband and caused the abortion of an innocent foetus?

maybe, mommy was too depressed over the illicit liaison about her own husband paying more attention to a laukuaybu troll instead of caring and concern for his unborn baby.

pre-natal pregnant woman if put in such depressive state would go to the very extreme. either the foetus would abort itself or she kills it herself through forced abortion.

the depressed mommy filed for divorce and helplessly aborted her foetus to alleviate future complication to her youthful life.

it's a scar that may not heal with time. then again, where is the conscience of the laukuaybu troll and the unfaithful husband? can they live with that guilt of being the accomplices of murdering an unborn child?

if they can, go ahead vote for them.

and then again, someone is trying to defend furiously about this real-life drama...and he speaks for "human rights, free speeches & democrapsy"....


the troll abandon her own loving husband, deserted her own children and called them TOU YOU PIN and merrily flirted with the unfaithful baby killer husband. now she is quite neglected but it was a good opportunity for another stupid idiot standing by to replace the hopeless unfaithful husband.

if u read until here, u should know that why someone is getting very very kan cheong already.

another abortion soon? this time from the laukuaybu troll, maybe?

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