Friday, July 31, 2009

babies are GOD's given gift of LOVE

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus


this story is also a very sad one. a young couple dying for a baby try all their best but it was futile....

a lovely young couple who's the wife baby making machinery is not functioning optimum hope to make a baby nightly. the love, the passion and the orgasms are super except the womb is just too weak to hold on to a developing foetus. it ends up still death.

reluctantly both the husby n wifey consulted a gynaecologist. the late prof ratnam suggested articificial implant of fertilised eggs into the wifey's womb. for the days to follow, all went well. an ultrasonic scan revealed triplets.

then the worst happened.....the womb was just too weak to continue supporting the life form. one day, the wifey was rudely awaken to find that she was bleeding down there.

liao! habis!!...she was rushed to the hospital where the doctor certified that none of the triplets foetuses could be saved. they had to be aborted as they were already still dead.

with tears of river flowing from the heart-wrenched wifey, she had no choice but to accede to the doctor's suggestion to have the dead foetuses aborted.

the next worst heart breaking news was revealed to the loving young couple. after the abortion, the wifey would be deemed to be barren. she couldn't bear any more baby.

sad...but true story that is happening to such nice kind couple.

and we witnessed laukuaybu degradingly calling her children TOU YOU PIN just for the sake of appeasing her lustful nature.

GOD shouldn't ve given her children. He should have given her chlamydia instead or some kind of other STDs for the terrible sins committed to so many.

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