Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the bitch - the murderess of BB

and now for our lst story....

it was a romantic pathology between 2 lovers. they pledged their vows and solemnised it with a silver ring on each other finger. they were now husband and wife....and till death do us goodness or in bad; in rich or in poor...and blah..blah..blah...

in the end, i ended up dead. WHY MUMMY....WHY DID U VE TO KILL ME ...SO SLOWLY...SO PAINFULLY....? WHY???

after honeymoon and nightly bonking, i began to develop in mummy's warm cosy womb. lucky i m!! i thought to myself. mommy sure gonna loved me like i m the only baby in the whole wide world. then unhappy things happened....

mommy: how can u sleep with her?? can u do this to me when i m carrying your baby?...WHY...WHY....WHY??

daddy: ......(silent)....

mommy: she's married with 2 kids. her husby loves her....why must she snatch u from me???...WHY...WHY...WHY?...

crying began. oh! mommy, pls don't cry....ur body is hurting me when u angry and sad and worst, crying...mommy, can u feel my suffering too? daddy, why do u do it? why must u hurt mommy this way? don't u love me, daddy?...and i wept along with mommy.

mommy called daddy. daddy refused to answer. mommy called daddy's gf who was also mommy's good friend but she also refused to answer. mommy was hopelessly dejected. mommy fell into depression. it was the worst for pregnant woman to be in such a depressive state. oh, mommy!! please brace yourself. u still got me....and mommy your foul mood is badly affecting me. i m suffering inside ur womb, mommy....please mommy, cheer up for the sake of BB me. please....

the quarrellings, squabblings, shoutings and rantings continued.....

one fine day, it was peaceful. gosh! i felt so wonderful during that "one fine day" was also my last day as a foetus. mommy went for an abortion. she had filed for divorce...and she killed me.

oh, mommy!!! why did u do that to ur most loving baby in the entire world...why mommy....why???

they stuck something into the womb. pieces by pieces, the spoon-liked evil device scooped my tiny bits of flesh. the pain i had to endure.....the blood that began to flow incessantly was sucked out. gradually, my life was sucked off. it was done. i was a messy globulous of minced meat ready for dispoal.

this unborn baby was dead. just like that. mommy had mercilessly snuffed out my life. why, mommy?....WHY? i had never understood why she wanted me in her womb in the first place only to kill me in such painful manner. why mommy why??

the pain was excruciating for u but mommy u could scream, wail and cry out loud, i couldn't...i was your baby. why mommy? why do u do this to me?

as i spoke and floated in the cosmic world....a lost unborn soul not knowing where i was supposed to go. and all these were sadly bestowed unto me by my own mommy.


ANALYsis time:

who is or are the murder(s)?
1. the mistress who's mommy's good pal
2. the daddy
3. mommy dear

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