Friday, July 31, 2009

million $ lim suay suay and his $1 for 12 items cock talk

if that's not a bargain, peasants gotta do better and maybe increased it to $1 and WORK TO YOUR BONE ....and of course with drastic pay cuts. but please, public transports, education, PUB...etc would still be increased.

how u expect to pay for our minitoots's obscene million$?

wait. u cannot do $1 for 12 items?? ok no problem! the FTs can - $1 for 24 items at half of the price u are paid for. eat that, peasants!!

After economy recovers, 10 workers should do the work of 11 or 12 – Lim Swee Say
Saturday, 1 August 2009, 10:02 am | 256 views

From the Straits Times:

THE productivity of workers in Singapore is declining and labour chief Lim Swee Say has a suggestion on how companies can help turn it around. It is by doing more to develop new markets for their products.

He made the call to companies on Friday in response to feedback from many of them that measures like the Jobs Credit wage subsidy scheme are to be blamed.

Such government aid has resulted in these companies holding on to more workers than they need. They had noted that when 10 workers are retained to do the job of eight or nine workers, short-term productivity suffers.

Mr Lim, however, felt that the Government was doing the right thing by introducing help measures to save jobs.

To get around the short-term impact on labour productivity, which is a measure of the output per worker, he urged companies to ‘find ways to prepare these 10 workers, so that by the time the upturn comes, (they) can produce the output of 11 to 12 workers’.

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