Monday, July 6, 2009

trickery of CAMEL

well, it's not camel foot. it's really camel as CAMEL - the brand name for attire. sorry to disappoint horny brothers who are eyeing for camel in the foot. LOL!

my li'l brother is indeed a super lucky guy. this CAMEL story would ve to rewind to pre, post cny and the present GSS or great sgp sale.

pre cny, LTS was rummaging through SALE in a shopping centre. CAMEL bermuda and cargo tanks on sale. terrible!! it ranged from $69 tp $78 and above. those who hv met my li'l brother LTS knows that he's always in shorts which is lesser material than long-pants and hence cheaper to buy.

LTS gave those multi-pocketed bermudas a miss. too expensive! he lamented.

post cny. he was hanging there again. by chance he spotted the same CAMELs there on SALE. this time, the prices were standardised into just a single price of $18 each. my god!! so cheap??

he grabbed 2 pairs for $36......

soon it was GSS shopping time....

we happened to be shopping after my hearty treat of abalone and sharksfin which were favorite to my li'l brother LEETAHSAR. lo and behold!! CAMELs! the bermudas were on sale. this time the price was at $25 each. there was another different style priced at $68 and another $75.

gosh!! the luckiest LTS had already bought the 2 most expensive ones but at only $18 each!!

i was feeling a bit disappointed cos i didn't but those $18 special offer ones when i was shopping with him during the post-cny sales.

the moral of this encounter:

WHEN U FIND A GOOD BARGAIN, GRAB IT BEFORE IT'S GONE....just like if u ve found a good pal, grab him, treasure him before he's gone.

my li'l brother has made many friends who are still around and who have already tested time more than 30yrs.....the period which is older than most of those losers from the SDP IB and the nefarious F4 who's only intention is to exploit, instigate, use and abuse the precious thing called FRIENDSHIP.

the miserly mastershapeshifter is one who's dying to find "friends". it's easy if one knows his weakness and apply a bit of FLIRT&DESTROY and fake some concern and he would easily fall victim to the executor.

why does one need to defend his "friends" when they are also regular forummers here. if they are truly his "friends", why would they allow him to smear himself instead of them coming clear.

that's precisely what i mean when i said: some "friends" really do not need to do all the dirty works. there are always some nincumpoos to do it for them. to the nincumpoos, the instigators are his "friends". to the instigators, the poor nincumpoos are dispensable pawns. a very fine example would be chee and his nincumpoos followers and goondus supporters. or the faithful pet snake and the abc trolls or the gaylord. friends, u say....look at what's happening to them.

if they think chee care for them, better pause, think...and think carefully again.

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