Tuesday, July 7, 2009

homosexuality vs adultery, which is a greater sin?

remember this folks:

OSTRACISATION is sicker than homosexuality.

perhaps God created STEVE beside adam and eve was indeed his mysterious way to test the love of ALL his children which means whether u r adam, eve or the horny cheeky STEVE, within us flows the same colored blood for which GOD has linked us together as BROTHERS & SISTERS.

emptiness is form...form is emptiness
have u wonder why i m being targeted by mastershapeshifter n his clones?
got time to protest, no time for court - that's sdp's PATRIOTISM. jokers right?

when a wo/man who has given his holy matrimonial vow in the face of God - to love and cherish his/her other half in sickness or in health; in rich or in poor....till death do us apart...

WHY??...yes WHY?? does s/he begin to eye another and sometimes worst lusting after the client's wife, the best friend's husby and so on.....WHY?

so which is the greater sin? homosexuality or adultery?

given a choice, do u wanna choose being a GAY? definitely not! you would prefer to be as normal as possible to be STRAIGHT. but is there a choice that one ends up to be GAY or LESBIAN or even a BI other than the normal STRAIGHT?

in a marriage, however, we do have a choice. we marry the one we love and vow to love "until death do us apart". just how many upheld this holy matrimonial vow?

here, we do have a CHOICE. again, we may later be fickle minded and decided someone's spouse is a better choice.......and hence the sin of ADULTERY begins.

u can choose to commit adultery but u cannot choose to be homosexual.

if a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman, do they in any way harm anybody in this so-called frowned upon gay love affair?

if a married man falls in love with another married woman - not his wife but someone else's wife, does this illicit liasion in any way harm anyone?

think again:


which causes the most pain and sufferings? the adulterous pair might be enjoying their secret lovemaking. but from their sensual pleasure, many suffer because of it. do they care or mindful about others' sufferings? the pain of their spouses, parents and worst - children? of course NO. if they do, then adultery wouldn't ve taken place, would it?

now let's look at our gay lovers pair. who are the ones pained by their gay love? no one actually. it's a prejudice that the hypocritical society cannot tolerate it.

it's something like if i love eating stinky smelly tofu, the bystanders frown upon the scent emitted out. what harm does it cause to them when i relish on my stinky smelly tofu?

it's all in the biase and prejudice of the deceptive human mind. everyone loves setting a set of standards which they think it's the best, the holiest and the most righteous. but pause and think over it - is that for REAL or just a standard of man?

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