Tuesday, July 28, 2009

let's ANALyse this abortion - FR from an aborted foetus

hi, everyone! i m a foetus. an unfortunate foetus whose life was mercilessly snuffed out before i could even see my mummy and daddy. if as a foetus i could choose i would definitely don't wanna go be nestling in some mama's womb who in the end had the audacity to snuff me out. i weep as i think about that ordeal i had to go through.

i m now a foetus spirit lingering in limbo....a lost unborn child soul disiullusioned as to why mama was so merciless to kill her own unborn baby. why mama....WHY? *sob...sob...sob..* as i float in this cosmic sphere, there were many foetal spirit like me. there is only one unanswered question in all our minds: WHY MAMA...WHY DID U DO THIS CRUEL THING TO US??

......the stories that were to follow are purely co-incidental. any events in similarities is just coindences. stay tuned....

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